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Some people don’t like getting or giving cash as a present.  People use reasoning along the lines that it is impersonal and doesn’t show a lot of thought going into the gift.

Depending on the person, I completely disagree.

What do I mean by ‘depending on the person’?  Simple, if you know the person feels that way, don’t give them cash.  But, if the person isn’t of that mindset, I see no reason why cash isn’t a great gift.  My wife and I would never give each other cash, for example.

Personally, I love getting cash.

For my last birthday, my parents gave me cash as a birthday gift.  They will ask me for a list, and if there’s stuff I really want, I’ll send it over.  Sometimes, they’ll come up with the gift, other times they’ll give cash so that I can buy something, or if there’s nothing I want specifically, they’ll just give me the cash with the instruction that I spend it on something for myself.

My parents know me well.

This past birthday, I really had nothing specific I was looking for so when I got their money, I set it aside.

This was great and worked out well just a few short weeks later.

My wife and I spent a couple of days on Mackinac Island.  For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a great little island with lots of fudge shops and great views, and amazing scenery located in Up North Michigan.  It’s also notable in that there are no cars allowed on the island.  All transportation must be done on foot, on bike, or on horse (or for those brave enough to weather a Michigan Up North weather, snowmobiles are allowed).

It’s a great little place and we went up there a while back  to celebrate our fifth anniversary.  We actually went a few weeks after our anniversary, right at the end of September.

As such, many of the shops, especially those who were selling clothing, were clearing out their inventory for the season.   This meant some pretty nice deals.

I had been looking for a new fall/spring jacket for awhile.  The one I have that I wear regularly is a few years old and is definitely starting to show some signs of wear.  It wasn’t a high priority, but for the right deal, I was definitely open.

We walked into an outdoor clothing shop and saw that pretty much everything in the store was 40% off.  I looked around and found that they had a great selection of jackets, including some North Face jackets (I became a North Face believer fairly recently), and including one that looked great on me.

Things on ‘the island’ are typically marked up a little bit, which is pretty much expected because of the transportation costs of getting things there.  Plus, it’s touristy.  So, I found that this jacket would normally retail for $149 in most stores and was regularly priced at $155 in the store on our trip.

But, with 40% off, that suddenly made it $93.

Now, $93 for a coat isn’t cheap and isn’t something I am normally used to paying.  I’ve lately realized that North Face makes a pretty darn good coat, they stay in style, and they hold up very well.

So, this was a great deal!

And having some money set aside from the cash that my parents gave me for my birthday made this easy when it came to figuring out if I could afford it.  I absolutely could!

So, I am now the proud owner of a new fall/spring coat that I also got at a great deal!

Thanks to my parents for the amazing gift of cash which I turned into this amazing coat!

How do you feel about giving or getting cash as a gift?