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I've been a Wide Open West (WOW) customer for quite a few years.  Long story short, I was with Comcast and had a service issue.  They took five days to come out and repair it, after which it went out again less than 24 hours later.  When I called it back in, they said it would be another five days.

I decided to call WOW and they had someone at my house the next day and I've never looked back!

I have always been impressed with WOW.  I've heard so many horror stories over the years since I've left Comcast that I've never once regretted my decision.

Here's a few of the ways that WOW has impressed me over the years:

  • Quick install – As I mentioned above, when I wanted them to come out and install new service, they were there within a day.
  • Quick service – Nothing is perfect and I've had issues.  The most they've ever taken to respond to a service call is three days, but most of the time it's one or two days. Any follow-up service call is always given priority.
  • Excellent phone service – Their phone system is great.  The most I've ever waited is ten minutes, but 95% of the time I call, I am on hold for less than 60 seconds.  Their call centers have not been off-shored, so I've never had a language barrier to overcome, and they always are willing to help me out.
  • They listen – A few years ago, I was having intermittent Internet connectivity problems.  I noticed that the service would slow on really hot days and during one heat wave would drop altogether for the hottest part of the day.  I could tell the phone tech was skeptical, but the person that came out was able to track down a piece of equipment in the box outside my house that was failing, causing it to indeed react to heat.
  • They communicate – Last weekend, we had an outage that affected their entire regional area.  After high winds, a power line fell at a switching station and took out their main fiber line.  After service was restored, they sent out a notification to all customers letting them know what the problem was.
  • They do the job right – When we moved in 2007, I was thrilled to find that WOW covered my new area.  I was able to ‘pick up' my cable boxes and take them with me (which was great, since we had a DVR with programming and saved shows installed).  The installer came out and basically re-wired 75% of the house from the ‘junk' that Comcast had left.  He spent over five hours and I still only paid the basic installation fee.  I thought a job like that would have cost me at least $100 but I think it was $25 or less.
  • They make it right – When I have had an outage, I am always able to call in and get an adjustment on my bill.  Before I got the e-mail about the recent outage, I had called in to see if they'd give me an adjustment for the weekend outage.  Even though it turned out that it was through no fault of their own, they were happy to give me a credit.  And, without asking, they gave me credit for Sunday as well as Saturday, even though the service came back early Sunday morning (while we were sleeping!)
  • Pricing is awesome – I am very satisfied with our rates.  When I look at what Comcast charges for their ‘teaser' rate, I know I'm doing well because ours is very close to that.  The great pricing was verified further when I had someone come to my door for AT&T a couple of weeks ago.  They were promoting UVerse, which just became available in our neighborhood.  He was explaining it to me and I basically told him what I was paying per month and what services I was getting, and said that I would not pay any more than that.  He smiled and mumbled “I hate WOW” and wrapped up.

The upsides of WOW: Unlimited it seems, especially for a personal finance centered guy like me: They offer great value for their price, they have excellent customer service, and I feel like I'm spending wisely and frugally with them.  The only downside I can tell is that they appear to be in pretty limited markets so there will probably be many jealous readers who can't take advantage of this great company.

Any other WOW customers, and if so, are you as impressed as I am?