Why The Kindle Price Wars Mean Absolutely Nothing To Me

Lately, Amazon has been in a price war surrounding their Kindle with other e-readers.  The Kindle has been out of a couple of years, and long story short, it allows you to read books in electronic book format.

When it came out, I think the price was somewhere in the neighborhood of $299.  I remember they were in pretty high demand, as visits to Amazon’s website would often indicate that they were ‘Out of Stock’.

Lately, though, other e-readers have entered the market, and the price of the Kindle has now dropped to $139 last I checked.  I’m not sure if this has all of the same features, or less, or maybe even more than the $299 model.


Because even at $139, I have no interest.

A cheap e-reader with a lot of features sounds cool when you consider that it’s half the price that it used to be, but the fact remains that for a guy like me, that’s still way too expensive.

The simple fact of things around the Beagle household is that we buy very few books.  I will buy (or ask for a gift) books from favorite authors or that I know I will read often.

Otherwise, it’s the library, where the books cost nothing.

Let’s face it, most books I read are going to be read one time.  There are some books I’ve read that I’ve loved so much that I will probably read again, but I’m totally cool with paying nothing for them at the library. If I were to ‘take advantage’ of the Kindle (or another e-reader), it would force me to start paying for stuff that I now pay nothing for.

Why would I do that?

I know there are a lot of people that don’t have as easy access to the library as we do.  Or, maybe their library doesn’t carry a good selection of the types of books that they want.  If that’s the case, maybe a Kindle is the right answer.

But, for me, the library is close, they have a great selection, and I’ve developed a pretty nifty system for making sure that I always have books to read by placing things on hold via their computerized system (read about it here if you want the details).  If that doesn’t come through, I have no problem wandering around picking things off the shelf until I find a book or two that I think might work.

When I do that, some are great reads and some I put down after a couple of chapters.  In any case, I don’t have regrets because I have little invested.  I’d hate to make that same mistake with an e-reader.

Are e-readers worth the money, even at a price-war enabled price?  Maybe for some, but for now, it’s not for me.

2 thoughts on “Why The Kindle Price Wars Mean Absolutely Nothing To Me”

  1. I dont like the e readers. they dont have the feeling of having a book does. Also I think itd be har on the eyes. Id have to worry about crushing it in bed or dropping it. Also I couldnt care it outside when Im laying out. Now I risk that the glue from the book melts and some pages fall out.

    Also My mom reads in bed, holding it up. Shes woken up to thumps on her face before were she fell asleep and dropped it. If she did that with a Kindle itd leave a bruise.

    And you couldnt buy a book and justify that youll get trade value at the used bookstore.

    So, I hate the whole e reader concept.

  2. I, too, fail to grasp the allure of the e-reader. True, you can get some e-books from the library. But that's a lot of money to spend for free library books.

    I don't reread many books. So on the rare occasions I get some, I tend to resell or trade or new ones. Otherwise, as you say, it's to the library.

    If you are really someone who HAS to keep all your books, I guess maybe it makes sense from a space-saving standpoint. But I really just don't get it.

    You can't resell the books or trade them for new ones (at least, not yet). I believe some can be loaned, but most are for your use only — unlike a book.

    And, if people are going on vacation and really that antsy about bringing a ton of books, then a) make sure you're near a used bookstore and just keep two with you at all times or b) use your library's e-books on your laptop. Not quite as small as an e-reader, but if you're going to bring it anyway, why not?

    Personally, I just prefer turning physical pages. I'm a luddite sometimes.

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