What Will Drive Black Friday Sales This Year?

Since Black Friday became an official “thing”, I try my best to avoid the hustle and bustle associated with it.  I don’t like crowds, lines, the cold, and people shopping tend to annoy more so than otherwise.  All of that makes my home the best place for me.

But, I’m not going to lie, I still like looking at the deals.  It’s always fun to see what the stuff is that people are going to wait in line for.  Honestly, I haven’t looked at too many ads but the typical stuff that seems to draw people in just doesn’t seem like it would have appeal.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common Black Friday have-to-haves:

  • Flat screen TVs – Everybody loves a great deal on a flat screen TV and for many years, the allure of getting a big flat screen set kept people waiting in line for hours, sometimes even days.  Still, it seems to me that most people have now converted to flat screen TVs.  Yes, you can always get a bigger one or get one with more features or that can connect to more things, but it seems the buzz has really died down.
  • Tablets – Again, so many people have tablets now, it seems that while you can always get the bigger one or the fastest one, the allure of getting that first tablet that probably drove many into lines probably has leveled off.
  • Smartphones – It seems like the lines form for smartphones the day that they come out.  Does anyone wait in Black Friday to get a new phone anymore?
  • Computers – Do enough people buy computers anymore to make them something that would lure people?  I have thrown around the idea of a new laptop (or even a desktop), and most people look at me like it’s silly.
  • Video game systems – It seems like video game sales are still strong but have leveled off.  Are there still waits to get a particular type of console or the must have game on Black Friday?
  • Toys – The hot kids toys of the year always seem to cause a clamor.  My kids are getting close, but so far haven’t fallen in line with having to have that one item that will surely be gone from all shelves by 7am.

The common theme is that most of the items above are electronics.  I know that people buy lots of other things other than electronics, but the market on electronics certainly seemed to have driven Black Friday in the past.  While I know that electronics will continue to be a hot item, I’m sure, I wonder if the deals will have to be better or if you’ll have more people sleeping in rather than hitting the stores on the items above.

If so, what will be the hot items that will make it worthwhile to get out of bed and get shopping this year?

Readers, do you have any plans for Black Friday (or before)?  What are the hot items that will make it worth standing in line this year, and how does it compare to years past?

12 thoughts on “What Will Drive Black Friday Sales This Year?”

  1. Agree on all you wrote…I still get my share of neckties and Old Spice and cuff links — but my family avoids the stores on Buy Nothing Day (which might make for a comment by the MoneyBeagle <>. So I share your curiosity. I watch some of those Matt Granite USA Today videos and say why would I wait in line for ANY of that stuff?

  2. I’m with you on your concerns. It seems we have reached a level of “saturation”. It amazes me the pricing on computers now. I just bought a lap top, to supplement my 12 year old PC, that has about 3 times the memory that DW’s lap top, which she purchased less than 4 years ago…..for about 1/5 the cost. It seems this biz has become more like a commodity market. It would seem that with prices where they are that laptops are now basically disposable as a repair would cost more than a new computer. In addition, I don’t think this Xmas season is gonna be as “stellar” as others predict….no BIG product….and times are still tough for many….

    • The biggest issue I’ve seen is that the software that is written consumes the extra resources just as fast as they’re added. I have a new work computer that is supposedly twice as fast and has more memory and such as my old one, yet the new version of Windows, Office, and everything else that we have to work with consumes so much more resources that it’s no faster….maybe even slower!

      • Hmmmm….Something to consider I’ll let you know if that is my experience as well. Right now…still on the “honey moon”….this thing is much faster than my 12 yr. old unit.

  3. I know my wife and her sister are primed and ready for Black Friday. The good news is that they are good at finding the best bargains (50% off and more). For them. it is clothes! They are very good at keeping to their principles of the best deals and within a budget.

  4. It does seem like electronics really get people motivated to shop on Black Friday. The price points are generally relatively high anyway, so any decent percentage off can result in pretty big actual dollar amounts saved. That said, I’m not going to buy any TVs, etc on Black Friday.

  5. I’ve been waiting for the Black Friday to get a new smartphone and a new laptop! I just can’t wait for the sale to begin. And, I am buying some items for Christmas!

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