Will You Tip Your Uber Driver Now?

Finally, after a lot of battling, Uber will add a feature to allow you to tip your Uber driver.  This has never been built in, and it’s left a lot of confusion and hard feelings.  Many passengers are confused as to whether tips are acceptable.

No Tipping Confusion

With Uber you can do everything from your phone.  You arrange your ride, set your drop off location, pick your type of car, and pay.  So, if everything is self-inclusive but there’s no tip, many think that tipping isn’t encouraged.  I know that on our first rides, we assumed that there was no tipping allowed.  So, we never did.

Then, after the lack of tipping started getting attention, we realized we may have been making a mistake.  In fact, it could have even affected our passenger rating.  Yes, with Uber both the driver and passenger rate each other.

Even once we realized that tipping was allowed, it was still confusing in many ways.  Since you couldn’t do it through the app, you have to leave cash.  Some people don’t carry cash.  Or, if you do you might have larger bills.  (I don’t know, is it OK to ask the driver to make change for a tip?)

Case in point: When we took our Florida trip this past spring, we used Uber to fill our driving needs.  We always tipped, except the one time when both of us left our cash in the condo, and we couldn’t tip the driver.  What made it worse is that she was probably the best driver we had out of all those on the trip.

So, it’ll be nice to eliminate the confusion.

No More Hard Feelings

Drivers started to get a little annoyed by the no tipping feature.  The issue was brought to light by drivers, which is what got it media attention in the first place.  I know a lot of drivers work both Lyft and Uber, so when Lyft added the option to tip, it probably made it less favorable for many drivers to continue with Uber.

I know that Uber has been in the news with a lot of negative publicity lately.  So much so that their founder and CEO resigned.

Hopefully this starts turning things around.  I would think that whether things go good or bad has to do a lot with drivers.  Better paid drivers seems to mean happier drivers.  So, hopefully it’s a start.

Readers, do you Uber?  Will you be using the tip feature? Have you tipped previously?  Let me know your thoughts on the whole matter in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Will You Tip Your Uber Driver Now?”

  1. I’m ashamed to admit I never thought about tipping when using Uber, just thought it was built into the “all in” pricing. Given how drivers have been getting squeezed, I’ll never ride Uber again without tipping the driver, in cash.

    They deserve it, and who among us can’t afford a few $ to help out someone who’s trying to make some extra cash? Bravo to Uber drivers, let’s support them!

    • I agree. Now I might not go all in cash simply because I tend not to carry cash all that often, but I’m sure that even if it’s through the app and they have to pay taxes, it’ll still end up a lot more for them if everybody starts doing it.

  2. In general, I try to avoid doing business with companies that mistreat their employees…or that hire de facto employees as “contractors” to get out of providing benefits and paying their fair share of taxes. So no, I do not “uber.” I do not “walmart” unless pushed to it, and when I can, I usually try to buy local before “amazoning.”

    But what is there to stop you from slipping a five to the cabbie…uhm, “Uber driver”? Why would we assume a company that does the kinds of things Uber does will graciously include a tip in the bill, or that if it does, the amount is fair?

  3. I’ll tip. We usually did with cash before for good service. I drove a bit just to see how it worked and it was pretty cool. I probably got roped 1/10 times. Even really cool people that talked with me the whole time didn’t tip just because I don’t think it was expected.

    Tom @ HIP

  4. To be honest, I have never thought of tipping an Uber driver. This article is a good remember that I should. I will definitely be using the tip feature so long as the money gets to the wonderful driver who provided the service, otherwise I opt cash. I will be using an Uber later today – here comes my first tip. Thank you sharing this article.

  5. I haven’t used Uber, I have my own car and really enjoy driving it. But, if I was to use an Uber and was pleased with how the driver did the job, I’d surely tip. This allows them to earn an extra buck and it’s also a great way to show they’ve done a great job.

  6. Never taken an Uber but I do tip taxi drivers and the shuttle drivers that take you from the airport to your house, with the shuttle drivers you can put the tip online and that’s what I usually do. =)

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