Will We Make It?

My self-imposed goal for turning on the furnace for the first time is October 1st.  So far, we’ve been successful but today is supposed to be a pretty brutal day, with temps in the 40’s most of the day.

Will we make it?  If not, I’m going to be pretty satisfied anyways, as we haven’t had the air or the heat on for the entire month of September.  Usually, one or both has to go on but the weather has been in a pretty steady range.
Do you have any dates that you target for running certain heating or cooling systems?  Are they merely goals or do you stick to a hard and fast rule?

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Will We Make It?”

  1. We are expecting our first night below 40 degrees this weekend. We actually still have the air conditioning on! But Georgia is funny that way. In the 'fall' our days are in the 70s to 80s and nights between 40 and 60. That's how you know the season has changed, by the temperature at night.

  2. We try to keep the air to a min here simply because living in the south makes it easy to get accustomed to just have the AC all the time. We try to really stick to it in the so called winter we have because we know its really not needed and is cooler.

  3. In southern California, it is pretty hard not to use one or the other in a month. Summer is over, hopefully it will cool down soon.

  4. It's getting pretty cold over here too! We live in a large building so the heat rises, but I expect we'll have to start turning on the heat in a few more weeks…

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