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The verdict is in – your job is killing you. More specifically, workplace stress is killing you.  

workplace stress

This means we've come full circle from our days as cavemen, when our biggest source of stress was finding food. Now we add to the mix worrying whether we can get from $50,000 per year to $100,000 per year in income.

Workplace stress is a disease of affluence. That means our own prosperity is killing us. Rather than worrying about whether we will eat tonight, we worry about whether our co-workers like us or whether we can meet the unreasonable expectations of life in a world of increased productivity.

Unless you are the one in six who live in poverty in America.

Productivity is the needle by which we are fed the stress. It is disguised as medicine: when one man does the work that two men used to do, he is engaging in a “noble” act as a hardworking American. Rather than “being in this together,” the workplace is a dog eat dog world where you must always be asking for more projects. You must always get that unreasonable assignment done one day ahead of impossible.

If you don't, your job will be given to some other desperate soul who is willing to hustle in the name of upward mobility.

Ambition is a bitch.

Below is an infographic that was shared with me. You can make your own judgments about its findings. I think it is well made, though would have pushed for a 30 hour work week 🙂

I have spent many months of my life working 85 hour workweeks with no days off, 120 days in a row. I can attest to the toll workplace stress takes on the body and spirit. I recommend taking a daily office vacation.

Instead of clamoring to always be busy and working late, we all need to just…..