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We bought our house in 2007.  Since then, just like in most places, the value of the house has declined quite a bit, to the point where the 20% we put down, thinking it would be a safe cushion, has been erased.  It sucks seeing that much money just up and vanished, but at the same point, I love our house.  I love the inside, I love the yard, the deck, I love our bedroom and just knowing that we have somewhere safe for all of us to be.

We bought a house in a nice suburban neighborhood.  It's in a nice city.  It's not the ritziest neighborhood nor is it in the ritziest city, but I'd classify it as respectable.

With that type of neighborhood, it still flabbergasts me at some of the things you see from the neighbors.

For example:

  • The neighbor across the street has gotten on a ‘cut the grass once every three weeks, whether it needs it or not' schedule (and it needs it)
  • The neighbor behind us planted three pine tree type bushes in the back of the yard after we put up the swing set for Little Boy Beagle.  We've never really talked to this neighbor, but she has a lot of little yappy dogs (I think six at last count) that love to bark whenever they see anybody in their own yard….or in an adjacent yard.  So, when the swing set went up, she probably figured that the dogs would be going extra crazy any time anybody was near it.  Great thought and I was actually happy for the additional privacy (at no cost) but two of the trees promptly died.  Did she think about watering them or even seeing if they would grow in the soil / sunlight / water / weather conditions?  It'll be interesting to see when/if these trees get removed or replaced.
  • Another neighbor on the street has teenage kids.  No problem there.  But the kids have friends that come over all the time that park cars on the street in front of other people's houses, and to top it off, the cars leak oil.  Apparently they did manage to park in the driveway a couple of times, because there's oil spots there too.  So their driveway and the street in front of the neighbor's house are now trashy looking.

We don't have the best or the worst looking house and yard on the block.  Still, we do try to keep up the basics.  My thought is if you took the initiative to buy a house that has a yard, it's your responsibility to at least keep it up.  It amazes me that people will take the biggest asset that they have and not keep it up properly or let elements of it turn trashy.

I guess I can't fathom the logic in that.