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Earlier this year, we started talking about what we would need to do to get our youngest, then two years old, out of a crib and into a big girl bed.  The plan was to use the furniture in the nursery, as the crib was able to convert to a full size bed.

The problem was that the furniture was all mis-sized for the rooms.  Here is what we had:

Bedroom 2 – Biggest room outside of ours – We'd moved our son into here.  He has a dresser, chest of drawers, and twin size bed.

Bedroom 3 – Middle sized room – This was used as our guest room with a full size bed and two other pieces.

Bedroom 4 – Nursery – Fit a crib and two other pieces very well, but would be cramped with the bed conversion.

We came up with a plan that would involve switching around all three bedrooms.  This of course meant that all would need to be re-painted.

  1. Temporarily move guest room furniture to the basement
  2. Paint Bedroom 3 with new ‘Dinosaur' theme, and move our son to the room.
  3. Paint Bedroom 2 with new ‘Pink Elephant' theme, and move our daughter to the room, converting the bed to full size
  4. Paint Bedroom 4 with new color and make this the guest bedroom.

This plan sounded pretty simple, and we kicked it into motion right as summer started!

Yep, right as things got busy, we went camping a lot, and hot weather made painting an option that fell down the list is when it all started.

On top of that, I decided that the painting projects would include not only the walls but that I wanted to do all of the woodwork, and most of the ceilings as well.  I'd repainted the ceiling in Bedroom 4 back in 2009 when we got it converted to a nursery, so I figured I wouldn't have to do that (more on that grand plan later).  In addition, we added some other work.

Here's how it all went down.

  1. Moved the furniture down to the basement. So far so good.
  2. Painted the ceiling, woodwork and walls in Bedroom 3.  Moved our son in over a weekend when he was visiting a grandparents house, and surprised him with a new dinosaur themed room.  He loved it!  Again, on track so far.
  3. Daughter figured out that the now deserted Bedroom 2 would be for her, so we started on that.  This dragged on for awhile as we were right in the thick of summer, plus we had to order and wait for delivery on the conversion kit for the furniture, and also hit a snag when the mattress store that has been in business for almost 25 years that I've always used was no longer there.  Still, I did the ceiling, wood and walls, including one wall with stripes.
  4. Started on Bedroom 4.  I knew that I'd repainted the ceiling in 2009, so I figured I could just touch that up, so I went on to the woodwork and the walls.  Everything went pretty good until the paint dried and I realized that you simply couldn't paint over stripes without the pattern showing through.  Oops.  So, I had to sand down the edges and repaint that entire wall.  Much better.  Then I decided to touch up the ceiling.  Unfortunately, the colors no longer matched.  Either the shade had changed in the Behr ceiling paint, or the ceiling had gotten that dirty.  I ended up having to paint the entire ceiling.   Still, after this, we were able to bring up the guest room furniture from the basement, now opening up the play room which is used a lot during cold months.  Just in time!
  5. Bonus Project 1: My wife has longed for a mantel in our family room since we've moved in.  We decided to have it installed, and it was put in around early October.  It needed to be painted, and the big push was to have it done before Thanksgiving so that stockings and such could adorn the new mantel.  So, I had to prime and paint the wood for the mantel, and I did the wood trim around fireplace and floorboards for the entire room so that the colors matched.
  6. Bonus Project 2: My wife decided that we needed to repaint the hallway bathroom a more lively color.  So, we added this in as well. I wanted to repaint the ceiling here, and got one full coat and 90% of a second coat done when some of the paint started peeling off, indicating that moisture had seeped in under the old paint.  So, I had to stop, scrape off a big area of paint that was loose, patch it, sand it, prime it, and repaint the entire ceiling again (two more coats), adding another week to the schedule.  The walls were done without any problem in a day.

When I finally got to move all that paint stuff to the basement, it was a glorious day.  For the first time in over five months, paint supplies were not littering the upstairs.

Then, my wife said, “Well, now of course our bedroom is the only room up here that hasn't been painted, so….”

(I pretended I didn't hear her)

And so ends the great, seemingly never ending paint project of 2014.

We'll see what next year holds 🙂