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For those shoppers that are curious about Xfinity Mobile, I have placed together this immense review that will explain how Xfinity Mobile's data plan works. Their features include awesome WiFi plans that are included in your arrangement and able to be used instantly. The best part about signing up for Xfinity Mobile is the fact that you can save a lot of money by choosing them.


Xfinity Mobile

Why Xfinity Mobile?

  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Switch data options with ease
  • Numerous promotional discounts
  • Great hotspot coverage

Try Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity is great for representing cellular plans that customers can afford. Even if you have had trouble with other companies, you will be impressed with their service. Xfinity provides mobile service nation-wide. The 4G LTE coverage attract millions of people. Xfinity was launched in May of 2017.

If you live in the area where there is Xfinity service, you can sign up for one their plans. In some areas, Xfinity mobile is dominate in its field of service. Xfinity covers a vast area. Primarily, the company serves in metropolitan areas. If you call Xfinity's customer service, you can check if your area has the coverage that's needed.

The way that Xfinity has their hotspot set up is helpful to all of their customers. They allow work to be downloaded or books to be downloaded and read offline. There prices are reasonable, and customers find that is be reassuring as they join their network.

I'm pretty sure that you will find it fascinating to have prices that you can afford, but you still have access to talking, texting, and the Internet like all the rest of Xfinity's customers do. Their data plans and packages fit those hardworking individuals that want to save money. The taxes that are added to your bill never exceeds $10. Other companies will charge you more than that which is considered to be hidden fees.

If you travel out-of-town, you can still receive cellular phone coverage. If you travel internationally, you can receive cellular phone coverage or roaming coverage for a fee. Xfinity gives all their customers unlimited talk and text for $45 per month. If you decide that a family plan is best for you, Xfinity helps you to save money by providing extra gigabytes.

For example, Xfinity give 20 MB per month, but after you use the data up, it's reduced. It's always great to have those out-of-town moments covered, especially when you are a sociable butterfly. Nowadays, most people use the Internet to find out information about Xfinity Mobile. I would take the time to look up those questions or simply call the customer service line.

Xfinity Mobile Plan Review

Reduced Plans Are Offered At Xfinity Mobile

Similarly, Xfinity offers a plan for $35 per month that has 1GB along with the other features, such as talking and texting. If you purchase the same plan from Verizon directly, you can look to pay up to $120 per month. The only bonus you will receive with purchasing directly from Verizon is that you can switch your plan around at any time. In some cases, your plan wouldn't be ideal for you if you keep on switching it around. You will end up wiping your benefits.

Moreover, you can use your cellular phone as a hotspot for another technical device. That's a great gesture for these who travel back and forth. If you choose this particular plan, you can use it for another device in your home too. There are no contracts through Xfinity Mobile. In other terms, you don't have to worry about choosing another company and being billed for it later.

If you are happy with their service, you can switch to another company without having to wait for your contract to be up. Xfinity Mobile doesn't charge you for early termination. However, they do expect the remaining balance on you phone or plans to be paid before switching to another provider.

Xfinity allows you to pay the full price for each phone, or you can set up an arrangement to be able to pay for the phone as you use their service. Your phone will be paid in full by 24 months. Afterward, you can completely own the phone, but you are obligated to pay your phone bill.

There are discounts offered through Xfinity which is usually saves you a ton of money. Their phones are on the higher end, such as iPhones, Galaxy S9s, LGs, and Androids. If you don't want an expensive phone, you can purchase one through Xfinity at a lower cost.

Xfinity can switch one of their service plans to your old phone if you choose to keep it. It's free to switch their service plan to your plan to your old phone if you choose to keep it, but you still have to pay for your monthly service. I have had some minor complaints over the years when it comes to Xfinity Mobile. When it comes to their Xfinity modem, there are extra fees that I would love to have reduced or wiped off of my bill.

Within the cable and Internet services, customers are offered additional contracts. They don't have any contracts which combine the services for their modems and cell phone plans.

Basically, both are a part of Xfinity Mobile, but they are separate. According to some people, their customer service doesn’t seem to help like customers would want them too. I find that to be an interesting argument considering that Xfinity Mobile is doing do well. Whenever I call, I have had no problem with talking to customer service at all.

Xfinity Hotspots And Coverages

As mentioned before, Xfinity offers additional data coverage for those who love to surf on the Internet to learn about Xfinity Mobile along with other subjects. If your hotspot is not working correctly in some places, you may be out of the network's technical range.

In actuality, if customer add the hotspot to their child's phone, they won't have to worry about paying for the wireless Internet. Eventually, they will notice how well they are saving while their child is in high school or away from college.

If another person wants to use your hotspot, they have to get your permission. You can't use the hotspot without the password. It's impossible to be able to get in. I wouldn't worry about strangers being able to use my Internet speed up. I would simply write down the speed before and after I'm off the Internet. If you have a question, you can always call Xfinity's customer service department. They are standing by the phones and are willing to help you with any of your questions.

Xfinity Mobile Plan Review

Additional Services

Xfinity does offer bundles deals for those who are wanting a chance to get a discount on their television networks. Particularly, there are companies that sell Xfinity products and notify consumers about promotions online as well as on television commercials.

Most Importantly, consumers are impressed with the promotional discounts that can receive for being in the military, teaching, and medical fields. There are also promotional advertisements mailed to consumers or potential customers upon request. In most cases, the promotions give up to a 50% discount on cable, phones, and off of your first month's bill. For more information, you can contact Xfinity Mobile at 1-800-934-6489.

If you are not able to stay on the phone, you can leave a message for the customer service to give you a call back. Despite having to call Xfinity for help, you can have questions written down and ready that way you can keep up with what all you wanted to know. Sometimes, the customer service may refer you to the Internet where you can research for yourself.

Uniquely, Xfinity also offers valuable customers discounts while continuing to stay with their company. I'm pretty certain that those extra dollars will come in handy for you. Equally, you can recommend Xfinity Mobile to all your friends and family who maybe looking for great cellular phone service. They will be happy to know that you decided to go for a bundle plan. That way, they can watch television and use the Internet in your home without using your hotspot from your cellular phone device.

Xfinity Has Critics Talking

Most consumers who are skeptical of Xfinity Mobile feel that there will be an increase in your bill once you have been with them in a while. In contrast, some consumers expect to see a raise in their taxes as well as the cellular phones that Xfinity has on display for sale.

The critics have a point about being concerned about the taxes that are added to the bill whenever you purchase a phone or plans through Xfinity Mobile. The rise of taxes are not controlled by Xfinity Mobile, but they can control how much consumers pay for each phone.

A case and point, consumers should expect to pay more for the phones that are known to have more details. For instance, you are not going to pay the same price for an iPhone that you do when you are purchasing a smaller smartphone. iPhones are known to be more expensive. Therefore, consumers should be aware to set a budget for themselves.

In contrast, critics often want the prices of the cellular phones to be reduced. Instead of waiting around on a sale, consumers want certain phones to be on a reduced plan all year long. Because of the fact that Xfinity carries expensive cellular phones, they reduce their prices every during certain months.

You can't expect them to do that constantly, because if they did, they couldn't make any money for themselves. I feel like the critics are completely wrong with feeling like Xfinity doesn't do enough to help their customers. They already offer plans and pricing at a discount.

With that noted, you shouldn't expect them to give discounts on their cellular devices too. I do commend Xfinity for offering discounts on their cellular phone cases. Those definitely help consumers keep up with their phones. I also like the fact that Xfinity will order you a dashboard cellular phone holder. It's great for those customers who have a tendency to lose their phones while driving.

The Conclusion

Honestly, you can't find a better deal for talking, texting and the Internet services. The prices are fair. Although I don't want to separate bills, I feel like Xfinity Mobile is worth every penny. Their taxes are low, portable wifi is good, and their rates are great.

Equally important, you will never have an increase in your bill or bills from Xfinity Mobile unless you change to an unlimited plan or to the highest unlimited plan they have to offer. In today's world, most Xfinity Mobile customers are truly happy with their service as well as their payment plans. Ideally, Xfinity Mobile is at the top of the list for being one of the best mobile companies out there in the world of technology.


Interested in getting Xfinity Mobile? Find out everything you have to know about it before signing that dotted line. For your convenience and ease, we have divided this FAQ into helpful sections.

General Information About Xfinity Mobile

This section introduces you to what Xfinity Mobile is.

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is a wireless service that takes into account how people uses phones nowadays. It also comes with free unlimited texts and calls.

How does Xfinity Mobile work?

Every month, you’re charged a certain amount (depending on your mobile plan) for either unlimited or a few gigabytes of mobile data plus up to five lines of unlimited talk and text.

What network does Xfinity Mobile use?

Xfinity Mobile runs on the Verizon network.

What towers does Xfinity Mobile use?

Aside from Verizon’s towers, Xfinity Mobile also uses their own wi-fi network to give its customers great coverage.

When was Xfinity Mobile launched?

Xfinity Mobile was launched just last year as part of Comcast’s exclusive line of services.

Is Xfinity Mobile available in my area?

As they cover 98% of the US, chances are you’re area is covered to. But to make sure, you can check for Xfinity Mobile Coverage here. Compare them to the cheapest unlimited data plans we recently reviewed.

Is Xfinity Mobile Verizon?

No, Xfinity and Verizon are not the same. However, they do have contracts regarding network and towers use.

Who is Xfinity Mobile partnered with?

It is partnered with Verizon generally, but can also be considered partnered with mobile device providers as well.

Is Xfinity Mobile good?

Definitely. It’s so good that a lot of people who have been with other carriers for years are switching to Xfinity Mobile. Then again the new AT&T deals are hard to resist.

Is Xfinity Mobile worth it?

If you don’t text or call a lot of people, it definitely is worth it. It is also a great option for older people who have little use for internet. However if you need a deal for your family you may want to check out T-Mobile phone deals.

How reliable is Xfinity Mobile?

Very. In fact, there are tests indicating that it’s slightly better than Verizon.

Signing Up and Cancelling with Xfinity Mobile

Here, we’ll discuss all concerns you might have with Xfinity Mobile that are related to signing a contract with them as well as with cancelling their services.

How do I sign up for Xfinity Mobile?

You can either go to an Xfinity store near you or sign up online and just make a package that suits you. Note that you would be asked for proof identity and past billing statements to complete your application.

Does Xfinity Mobile check credit?

Yes, but it is just a soft pull which does not affect your credit rating at all.

Does Xfinity Mobile have a contract?

Yes. But if you’re concerned about any early termination fees, there isn’t any with them except if you got a mobile device too.

How much is Xfinity Mobile?

Their plans start at just $12 per month but it depends on what package you get or create for yourself.

Is Xfinity Mobile cheaper than Verizon?

Yes. Xfinity charges just $75 for an unlimited plan while Xfinity Mobile only charges $45.

Can I keep my number with Xfinity Mobile?

You can. However, you would need some information from your previous carrier before you can start with the process.

Do you have to have Xfinity to get Xfinity Mobile?

No. Each of Xfinity’s service can be purchased on its own.

Can I get Xfinity Mobile without internet?

Yes. But getting Xfinity Internet might be a better deal since it already includes Xfinity Mobile too. Xfinity also offer alarm systems so you may be able to get a deal with internet. Be sure to compare home security systems before committing to one though.

How do you activate Xfinity Mobile?

Just head on to the activation page, and follow the steps there. This would be fairly easy as Xfinity created a very detailed yet easy to follow guide that you can use as you’re activating your sim and device.

How do you cancel Xfinity Mobile service?

If you haven’t paid for your device in full yet and will cancel all your Xfinity services, you have to pay the remainder of your monthly payments in full first. With that covered, simply complete a simple form to send with your cancellation request via email.

How easy is it to cancel Xfinity Mobile?

Very easy as they give many convenient options on how you can do so. You can cancel your Xfinity Mobile services by email, through your local Xfinity store or calling 1-800-XFINITY.

Mobile Devices and Services

As getting Xfinity Mobile involves the use of mobile devices, we have compiled and answered all your questions regarding that matter.

What is an Xfinity Mobile plan?

An Xfinity Mobile plan is a package of services that you pay for every month at a set fee. It can be as low as $12, depending on the plan inclusions.

How is Xfinity Mobile’s service?

Xfinity Mobile’s service is great and comparable to major telcom players in the industry.

Can I bring my own phone to Xfinity Mobile?

If it’s Apple, yes you can. However, for android devices, it is not yet allowed.

What phones work with Xfinity Mobile?

All types of phones work with Xfinity Mobile, but the issue here is they don’t generally allow you to bring your own device. They also sell cell phone devices in their stores.

Does Xfinity Mobile use a sim card?

Yes. You can request your sim card online or get one in an Xfinity store.

Can I use my Verizon phone on Xfinity Mobile?

Yes. Because Xfinity is partnered with Verizon, you can use a Verizon phone to use Xfinity’s services.

Can I bring my android to Xfinity Mobile?

No. If you have an android device, you will have to purchase a phone from Xfinity.

Does Xfinity Mobile support Apple Watch Cellular?

No. Apply has made their Apple Watch Series usable only under AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Is Xfinity Mobile CDMA or GSM?

All phones purchased from Xfinity stores are CDMA, no matter the brand or model.

Will Xfinity Mobile get iPhone X?

Yes. They already offer iPhone X so you can either purchase it from them (if you haven’t signed up yet) or upgrade your current phone.

What phones does Xfinity Mobile offer?

Xfinity Mobile offers phones from different brands. You can check out the complete list here or contact an Xfinity store near you.

When will Xfinity Mobile offer tablets?

They have yet to publicly announce a date, but they said that they’re already working on including tablets in their line of mobile devices.

How long does it take Xfinity Mobile to ship?

Their phones are delivered via FedEx and will reach you in 3 to 5 days.

Unlocking Xfinity Mobile Devices

Find out if you can use your current mobile device with Xfinity and with other networks as well as how you can you can get them unlocked.

Are Xfinity mobile phones unlocked?

No. All their phones are locked for use with Xfinity Mobile only. This is not an issue though if you have already paid for the device in full as you can easily request your unlock code.

Are Xfinity Mobile iPhones unlocked?

No. However, you can try unlock code services online which will enable you to use your iPhone with any network.

How to unlock Xfinity Mobile iPhone?

The best and surest way is just pay for the iPhone so you can request an unlock code. If you’re serving the military, however, you can have it unlocked right away.

Xfinity Mobile Internet Connectivity

Now, let’s get to the meat of Xfinity service – its internet connectivity. In this section, you’ll learn more about its reach and power.

How is Xfinity Mobile coverage?

Pretty much the same as Verizon’s as Xfinity uses Verizon’s network. In fact, some reports even say it is slightly better than Verizon.

Does Xfinity Mobile have hotspot?

Yes. You can locate their hotspots using the Xfinity Wifi app downloadable for iOs and Android devices.

How fast is Xfinity Mobile?

According to their website, typical download speed average at 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps while upload speeds are at 500 to 800 Kbps.

How does Xfinity Mobile wifi work?

Simply find their Wifi networks using their app, and enter your Comcast username and password to connect.

How to use Xfinity Mobile hotspot?

First, you would need the Xfinity Wifi app to find hotspots within range. Then, from Wifi networks appeaing on your phone, just choose anything named xfinitywifi.

Does Xfinity Mobile have wifi calling?

Yes. You can use your device to call using wifi when no network signal is available. If you don't have service already then take a look at wifi providers we recently reviewed.

Other Questions

Aside from the usual queries on mobile devices, Xfinity Mobile’s features and the likes, you may have other questions that you want answered, such using Xfinity outside USA and getting additional services from them.

Does Xfinity Mobile work in Canada?

Yes. Your Xfinity Mobile sim comes with international carrier service usable in over 200 countries.

Can you get the NFL Network on Xfinity Mobile?

Yes. For just $10 per month, Xfinity customers can get the NFL Network. However, note that this is a cable service, not a mobile service inclusion. Compared to Hulu live tv cost or other online streaming services this isn't bad at all.

What apps can you use on Xfinity Mobile?

If you have a smart phone you can use any apps as long as your data plan is enough to run it. Some visitors even talk about apps that pay real money when you do simple tasks like surveys.