Yay To Grocery Bill Savings (And To My Wife For Finding Them)

I’ve been tracking our grocery bill spending in my spreadsheet since the beginning of 2008.  Including last month, that’s 37 months worth of grocery bill information.

mb-201102registerI was completely thrilled when I tallied up our groceries for last month and they came to $267.  We usually spend about $300 – $350 in a given month, so that total was awesome!

In fact, it was our third lowest monthly total since I started tracking.

Big kudos to my wife for doing some extra deal matching, bargain hunting, and coupon clipping.

We had some help from some (most likely) one-time store promotions that I’ll detail in an upcoming post, but even so, this was a fantastic month.

I know a lot of people reduce their bills by using up lots of stuff on their shelves.  That’s always a great move, but my opinion is that is a short-term fix because you end up having to re-stock the shelves down the line or you lose that option as a fall-back plan.  I don’t think we emptied our shelves or freezer too much, so in the end, it was just lots of great shopping and finding bargains!

I love a good month of savings!  Great job, Mrs. Beagle!

6 thoughts on “Yay To Grocery Bill Savings (And To My Wife For Finding Them)”

  1. $267, that's really low for a couple.
    We don't track it religiously, but I know it's between $3-400 a month. We are pretty well stocked up now so probably need to clean out a bit.

  2. I still struggle with that line item. I spend about $200/week for our family of 5. It's lower now that Babci is in Poland.

    Do you also include household products? Paper towels, TP, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, drugs, laundry detergent? I find those are the items that are the real budget busters on my bill. I can usually keep it much lower on weeks where I'm only buying food, but since I still have 1 in diapers, those weeks are few and far between.

    Congrats to Mrs. Beagle. She sure is making a big impact to the bottom line. Groceries are my #2 biggest line item on my budget (after daycare).

  3. Great job! I have found my secret weapon to grocery savings is Aldi… I've nearly cut my grocery bill in half by doing my shopping there.

  4. That is awesome. I just came upon a site for Meijers – did you know this existed? I have to go through it to figure it all out, but it looks like the creators go through all the coupon/savings combos that meijer puts out, and also mentions somewhere (haven't found it yet) what products produce what register coupons. It will take some time figuring this all out, but saving more money at the grocery just might be worth it!

  5. @FirstGen – We do buy a lot of household products at the grocery store, but also a lot at Costco, which is a separate line item. But we've always done it this way so the comparison in spending is definitely due to wiser shopping and better deals!

    @Cappatia – I use a site called Bargains to Bounties which actually does a pretty good job 'rolling up' all the Meijer deals (and other grocery stores in the Detroit area). You might want to check it out.

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